A free email alias for Lammertsmas.

By a Lammertsma and for a Lammertsma—this alias is 100% free.

Government ID?

If you've got the last name…

Existing inbox?

…and an existing inbox…

You've got mail!

…you're ready for a sweet alias!

A unique and memorable email adress

Dot coms are so passé. Why not stand out with yourname@lammertsma.email? Your alias will simply forward to whichever inbox you want.

My e-mail alias fits my personality perfectly!

— Paul Lammertsma, satisfied lammertsma.email user

A sweet alias
Government ID

Prove you're a Lammertsma

Have some government ID with your name and photo? Great! This is all I need to verify you're a Lammertsma. You can censor all the details—all I need to know is that you're really a Lammertsma.

Everybody can find my inbox, so long as they remember how to spell my last name.

— Paul Lammertsma, long-time lammertsma.email user

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